Best 5 Star Hotels in Kiev

If you are looking for a comfortable accommodation when staying in Kiev, consider booking a 5 star hotel. All 5 star hotels in Kiev meet the highest world’s standards and guarantee comfortable staying.

Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv

This luxury hotel cannot but impress with its unique atmosphere of pure elegance. It features 258 spacious guest rooms, including Presidential and Royal suites. Guests are offered exquisite services and amenities that make staying at Fairmont Grand Hotel comfortable and unforgettable.

An onsite restaurant offers Ukrainian and European cuisine. Do not forget to hit the bar that is filled with a variety of drinks. Those who want to relax, should visit a spa salon offering all types of spa treatments.

Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv is also known for its favourable location. It is surrounded by famous architectural landmarks and cathedrals. Everything is just steps away. If necessary, the hotel can arrange an onsite private parking.

Hyatt Regency Kiev Hotel

This hotel will especially suit the needs of business people. It is located in the center of Kiev and is surrounded by various government offices. Hyatt Regency Kiev Hotel is in the list of top business addresses in Ukraine.

The Hotel features three conference rooms, eight meeting rooms, a business centre, 234 spacious and perfectly-furnished rooms and 25 luxurious suites. Each room is equipped with all modern amenities that allow enjoying a fireside comfort.

The hotel’s facilities are also numerous and exquisite. Guests can use the services of a swimming pool, fitness center and luxury Spa Naturel. Also, do not forget to visit the hotel’s bar and Grill Asia restaurant.

Guests who are interested in visiting historical sites will find most of them just a few steps away from the hotel.

Opera Hotel Kiev

Opera Hotel Kiev is the best choice for visitors who cherish luxury and comfort. This was the first boutique hotel opened in Kiev. Opera Hotel Kiev impresses with its elegant interior design, exquisite color scheme and delicate style.

Opera Hotel Kiev features 137 rooms, including 7 themed suites. All guests are offered top-notch services, mouth-watering meals and amenities that make everyone feel quite at home. In addition, the hotel is favourably located. Many commercial, business, cultural and educational centers are just steps away. Most historical and architectural sites are also in close proximity to the hotel.

Whatever 5 star hotel you choose, you will appreciate high-quality services, comfortable rooms, as well as experienced and helpful multilingual personnel.

Tips On How to Move to a New Apartment

Moving is definitely an exciting event. At the same time, this process implies lots of work, which can appear to be quite stressful. If you are moving to a new flat, these basic recommendations will help make your moving easier.

Assess your belongings

Before you start packing you need to assess your belongings and decide what you really need in the new apartment and what you can get rid of without compunction. In doing this, you will save money, time and lots of moving troubles. Besides, your new apartment will look more spacious without that stuff. The easiest way to get rid of unnecessary items is to donate them or organize a garage sale.

Prepare Boxes

To pack all your stuff, you will need lots of big and small boxes. Instead of buying expensive boxes you can get them from grocery or other stores. Choose compact boxes that you can easily carry yourself. Having compact boxes is especially crucial if you’ll do a great part of moving on your own.

Do not put your moving into cold storage

Start preparing for your move well in advance. Once you have a few idle moments, start packing the most essential things. Packing everything in the last minute is not the best strategy.


Packing requires time and orderliness. Do not be in a hurry and pack everything properly, so that it didn’t get damaged during transportation. Breakable items should be wrapped with bedsheets, towels or old clothes. If you have lots of books, pack them in several smaller boxes rather than in one or a few big ones.

Label boxes

When packing, do not forget to label the boxes. It is also recommended making a list of things you have in each box. This will help save much time when unpacking or looking for urgently needed supplies.

Moving services

Now that everything is packed and ready to move to a new place, you need to decide whether to hire a moving company or ask your friends for help. If you have a few faithful friends, you are lucky. If not, you will not go without the help of professional movers. Though moving services are somewhat expensive, they help avoid lots of troubles. Movers can do much more than just transport your stuff. Most SF movers offer packing, loading and unloading services. In other words, by hiring a moving company, you will avoid a number of worries. If you are looking for a reliable moving company in San Francisco, consider This company has a great experience and favourable rates. Excellent services and affordable rates is undoubtedly exactly what you need.


Students like travelling to different destinations for fun and during their leisure time to interact with their friends. One of the most desired places that the students prefer travelling is along the beaches where they have a chance to swim. On the beach, the students are able to enjoy a cool breeze that commonly blows along the shore. When the temperatures rise, the students can have a chance to swim or relax under the shades. The beach gives the students a chance to enjoy the beautiful sceneries from the sea. It is common to find small aquatic organisms such as the fish which increase the enjoyment the students get from their tourist activity. Sunbathing is also common along the beaches and the students enjoy the experience as they interact with their friends. Sun bathing is a significant source of vitamin D and gives the students an opportunity to get rid of the monotony of continuous class, essay formats and educational activities.

It is also common for students to prefer to travel to zoos and parks where they get an opportunity to see diverse wild animals. This offers them a learning experience as they understand the characteristics and behavior of different wild animals. During such incidents, the students are able to exchange their ideas on what they know about the animals, and what interests them in different animals. Students also prefer to travel to amusement and nature parks where they are able to enjoy other sceneries such as landscape which could be fascinating. The travelling in the park gives the students more fun by allowing them to take pictures of the animals they see. This enables them to have references, once they get back to school. The pictures also enable the students to share their experience with students who do not make to the park. 

How to find cheap first class tickets

Ever had to walk to your tiny economy seat across the first class section with its cold champagne and spacious leather seats? You would love to spend your flight in one of them, but of course, you would never spend ridiculous amounts of your hard earned money on first class. What you may not be aware of is that not all of those haughty first class travelers paid for their luxurious seats. In fact, they may have paid as much as you did for coach. There a few ways to find cheap first class seats, which we have gladly shared with you below.

Purchase an upgrade

This is the most obvious and the easiest way to get into first class. It is also the priciest one, unless you are an elite club member. The elite status is pretty easy to get if you are a frequent flier, but even in case you are not, you can still get qualifying miles with a co-branded credit card offered by many airlines. Air companies are very generous with their most treasured clients, the members of the elite club, so you will frequently stand a great chance to get upgraded to first class for free.

Check in at the airport kiosk

A few hours before the departure airport kiosks show whether some first class seats turn out to be empty. Every empty first class seat is lost revenue for an airline company, so you may be offered to get upgraded if you use the kiosk to check in. You will have to pay for this upgrade, but these empty first class tickets get deeply discounted and you will still save tons of money.

Take the bump

You may or may not have heard about this, but air companies always overbook flights because there are always passengers who don’t show up on the plane. Obviously, Airlines don’t want to lose money because of them. But every once in a while it just so happens then all passengers turn up. Airline employees then have to look for somebody who is willing to get bumped, and if your travel dates are not fixed, you could be that person! Now you can feel free to ask for an upgrade on your next flight for all the inconvenience caused.

Provide OSI

OSI stands for other significant information, and you should never fail to provide it when booking a flight if you think it might get you a discount or an upgrade. If your birthday coincides with the flight dare or if you are a honeymooner, just ask for some perks, it won’t hurt.

Flying first class cheap is not an exclusive treat for outrageously rich people. You can fly first class too - if you are savvy enough!